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If you have arrived at this site, trust that you are ready to grow, transform, and expand your consciousness. You are ready to transmute that which has felt like an obstacle or challenge into the very thing that catapults you into growth. Through access to various modalities, together we will co-create a path towards the expression of your most authentic version of Self.

Your readiness and willingness to lean into this process is all that is needed to begin. This is your journey. As an intuitive channel, I will assist you by holding a mirror to your own inner wisdom and reflect back to you the true essence of who you are so that from a felt sense of empowerment, you become your own guide towards healing and wholeness.

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Seana Zelazo brings a robust background of experience and education to this work, both in traditional and alternative healing. She is committed to the balanced integration of body, mind, and spirit.

As an intuitive channel, she accesses the Akashic Records to read the soul and bring clarity and insight to an individual.   More about...



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